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Impact of coronavirus on recycling, waste and street cleaning services

Bromley’s recycling and waste services and street cleaning services have been adjusted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Household collection services are now operating as normal. This remains under review, so please continue to check our website for updates.

For houses, the following services are in operation

  • Your usual collection service of food waste, paper recycling and non-recyclable refuse one week, and food waste, plastic, glass and tins recycling the next, is in operation.
  • We are now collecting textiles, small electrical items or batteries recycling.
  • Subscribers to the Green Garden Waste Collection Service will receive collections on their scheduled collection days.

If you live in a flat, your collections remain the same.

You can check your next collection day using the postcode look-up above.

Please follow the guidance at and thank you for your support as you continue to bear with us during these uniquely challenging times.